Greyhound Master

Greyhound Master 3.14

Greyhound Master is the most advanced Greyhound handicapping program available

Greyhound Master is the most advanced Greyhound handicapping program available! It automatically downloads race programs and race results and handicaps races based upon standard handicapping methods provided or customized handicapping based on the factors you select!

Greyhound Master supports 6 tracks : Birmingham, Bluffs Run, Derby Lane, Mobile, Naples, Victoryland.

Main Features :
- Automatic Download : Automatically downloads all race results from supported tracks. All data is provided free from supported tracks. Once you purchase the program, there is nothing additional to buy. Automatically downloads all race entries/programs from supported tracks. Everything is automated! There is no manual entry required.

- Handicapping : Handicapping algorithms handicap using Speed, Early Speed, Closing Speed, Class, Trouble, Kennel and Style. Choose to include or exclude schooling races or races in which the dog ran into trouble (ie. bumped, collided, etc.). You can also select the number of past races you want to use for handicapping. Chose several different handicapping weights such as Speed Demon, Fast Breaker, Clean Runner or set your own handicapping weights based upon your optimization of the handicapping weights for any of the supported tracks. You can also set up Greyhound Master to use different handicapping formulas for different grade and length races.

- Advanced Back-testing : Backtest your handicapping ideas and betting strategies over thousands of races! Backtest all "normal" bet types plus custom betting such as $2 Tri Partial Wheel 123/12345/12345, etc.

- Selective Betting During Back-testing : Allows you to selectively back-test any type of bet based upon Odds Off of the #1 ranked dog or the spread in Handicapping ratings. Identify situations such as a wide handicapping spread (meaning your #1 ranked dog is especially strong) and high odds and determine the ROI based on thousands of past races.

- Track Statistics : Calculates track statistics for each track, computes any post bias and applies that information to the handicapping algorithm.

- Tote Board : Accesses on-line tote boards to help identify key overlay betting situations.

- Bet Database : Has an integrated bet database that analyzes your bets over time. Helps you keep records of your bets so you can determine best betting strategies.

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